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Support is a key aspect of what we offer at Oak Fostering, all agencies offer support but we believe what we offer is different. The support we offer is tailor made in a way that works for the individual child and family and can include on call support, babysitting, day care and consistent planned respite.

All the support we offer to our carers and children is provided by people who know the children and have cared for them for significant periods of time. All members of the Oak Fostering team, from our manager and directors to the outreach workers, all know and have cared for the children we place. This means that the support we offer is based on direct, first-hand knowledge. We will spend time with you and the child and use the relationships we have to help tackle the difficulties that you and the child might be facing.

As an Oak Fostering carer you will also be part of our professional team and therefore have working relationships with those who are offering support to your placement. It won’t be a stranger on the end of the phone; it will be someone you know, who knows you and the child, someone who will be willing to offer moral support, advice and guidance or come out in person at any time of the day or night to be there with you.

We believe it is this level of support, knowledge and experience that gives carers the experience of not being alone and allows children to have a feeling of continuity and security.

We provide regular supervision with a qualified social worker, regular support groups and training and we also aim to create networks of carers who can informally support each other, who can meet socially and share experiences and knowledge further creating the feeling of being supported. We believe that if we support our carers in the right way, they in turn can support our children to thrive.

Full details can be found within our policies, including the ‘foster carer handbook’. Below is a summary of some of the key areas of support we offer our carers.

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