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Application Process

The application process is thorough in order to ensure that children are offered the best standard of care and that carers are fully prepared for the role they are undertaking. Below is a summary of the recruitment process but full details can be found in our Foster Carer Recruitment policy.

Potential carers can make an initial enquiry to Oak Fostering via the phone, email or using the Oak Fostering website. This enquiry will be responded to promptly by a supervising social worker and details of the discussion will be recorded on an Initial Enquiry Form. If following this initial enquiry it is considered that the basic requirements are met then an initial visit will be arranged.

Initial Visit

An initial visit will be carried out by a supervising social worker and will be an opportunity to discuss in more detail the role of Oak Fostering carers, the expectations and the detail of the assessment process. The supervising social worker will also explore the motivations to foster, the skills and experience of the applicants and confirm their wish to proceed with the process.

Following the initial visit the social worker will make an assessment as to whether the application is suitable to proceed. Details of the visit and decision will be recorded on the Initial Visit form and the applicant will be given a copy confirming the outcome and reasons for this.

Application to Foster

Following a successful initial visit the prospective foster carers will be provided with an application form. They must complete this application fully and submit it to Oak Fostering.

Once the fully completed application is received an assessing supervising social worker will be allocated to begin the full assessment.

Skills to Foster Training

As part of the preparation to foster, Oak Fostering will provide training, which will help prospective carers to learn more about the fostering role, to explore some of the potential challenges and to identify any areas of concern they may have. This course will contribute to the assessment process and foster carer’s engagement and participation will be assessed.


Oak Fostering uses the BAAF Form F as a framework for the assessments carried out on prospective carers. All assessments of prospective carers are conducted in two parts that may run concurrently.

Full Assessment Report

If applicants progress successfully through the assessment process, details of assessment stage 1 and 2 will be included in a written report to the fostering panel along with recommendations regarding any terms of approval. This report will include the assessing social workers analysis of the information shared during the assessment process.

Presentation to Panel

The applicant will be notified that the full assessment report is to be sent to the panel, provided with a copy of the report and given 10 working days from the date of the notification to send their observations to Oak Fostering. The full assessment report will then be presented to the fostering panel for consideration along with any observations submitted by the applicant and any other relevant information.

Further details of how panel is conducted and the process of panel meetings are contained in our Panel policy.

Agency Decision Maker

The Agency Decision Maker will make a considered decision about the application taking into account the recommendation made by panel, the full assessment of the applicants and any supporting evidence. This decision will be made within seven working days of receipt of panel’s recommendation and the final panel minutes. The Agency Decision Makers decision will be communicated verbally to the applicants within two workings days and written confirmation will be sent to them within five working days.

Further details of how panel is conducted and the process of panel meetings are contained in our Panel policy.

Training & Support

The support we offer is tailor made in a way that works for the individual child and family with the aim of helping children to thrive.

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Our Team

The Oak Fostering team each have a wealth of experience to bring with them to their roles.

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Our Services

We tailor make our service packages to meet the care plan needs of each child and the support needs of each foster family.

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