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Some carers approved with an independent agency or Local Authority may decide they wish to transfer to Oak Fostering for a variety of reasons including moving areas, looking for something different from an agency or a new challenge.

As a carer it is your right to choose to make a transfer to a different agency and at Oak Fostering we would welcome any carers wishing to transfer to our agency. We will do everything we can to support you through this process and make it as smooth as possible.

We work to the Fostering Network’s ‘Transfer of Foster Carers Protocol (2014)’ which details the process and responsibilities of those involved in the transfer of foster carers between agencies.

Carers without a child currently in placement

If you are considering transferring to Oak Fostering and currently do not have any children in placement then the first step is to arrange a visit from one of our social workers who will discuss with you the possibility of transferring across to Oak Fostering. They will explain that we will undertake an assessment and to present this to our fostering panel to seek approval and registration as an Oak Fostering carer.

If you wish to proceed you will need to notify your exiting agency of your plans to be assessed for transfer before we begin the transfer process.

Carers with children currently in placement

If you currently have a child in placement our first consideration will always be not to disrupt the child’s placement and we are sure you would share this priority.

As with any carer wishing to transfer to Oak Fostering the first step is for one of our social workers to visit you to have an initial discussion and explain the process.

If you wish to proceed and begin to transfer the process would be for a protocol meeting to be held with the child’s placing Local Authority and in most cases an agreement can be reached for the child to transfer to Oak Fostering with you.

In such cases Oak Fostering will give a commitment to maintaining the current terms of the placement to both you and the placing local authority. This means that you will usually continue to receive the same level of payment and expenses to support the child for the duration of the placement.

For further information on transferring to Oak Fostering, click here to get in contact.

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