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Why children need foster care

At Oak Fostering we care for the children for whom a return home has not been possible, those who are planned to remain in foster care until they are adults.

The children placed with us have a slightly higher level of need which means that mainstream foster placements may have not been suitable for them. They will have experienced multiple traumatic events and experiences and this will have affected their development and behaviours.

They need a specialist placement to provide stability and care while they deal with their experiences, catch up with their basic development and learn to trust adults again. This can be really tough for them and those around them which is why they need specialist foster care like that offered by Oak Fostering.

‘The reasons children come into care vary widely, including a parent’s short-term illness or another temporary problem within the family. Some children may have witnessed domestic violence or a parent’s depression or drug or alcohol misuse. Others may have been abused or neglected. Each child’s circumstances and needs are unique.

When the decision is made to take a child into care, the local authority (in England, Scotland and Wales) or health and social care trust (in Northern Ireland) becomes responsible for his or her welfare. Social workers work with families to make the home a safe place for a child, with the aim that children and parents can be reunited if possible’

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Who can foster?

Almost anyone! Learn if you can become a foster carer with Oak Fostering and speak to us about the process today.

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We recognise being a specialist foster carer with Oak Fostering is a career and a skilled profession and we seek to recognise this.

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Learn about our upcoming events that you can take part in or just come along to learn more about fostering.

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