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Who can be a foster carer

Almost anyone!

Many people don’t apply as they assume they will not be suitable but people are often surprised by who can foster. People of all different ages, cultures, ethnicities, religions, sexualities, and marital status’ can foster.

We are always looking for full time foster carers who need to be available full time, however if you have a full time job this doesn’t mean you can’t be an Oak Fostering carer. We also recruit respite carers who can offer breaks to our main foster carers a couple of nights a month and provide them with some babysitting. The application and recruitment process is exactly the same regardless of which type of fostering you are applying to do.

The key things we require are you:

  • to have a spare room which will be used solely by the foster child
  • to confirm that one carer is available full time to be a foster carer (unless applying as a respite carer only)
  • to be willing to complete an enhanced DBS disclosure to confirm you are safe to work with children
  • to be willing to undergo a health assessment to confirm you are fit and well enough to carry out the role
  • to be willing to engage in the fostering assessment process
  • to be willing to commit to a child in the long term
  • to understand and appreciate it can be a very challenging role, but also a very rewarding one

Because of the nature of the children we care for it is also very helpful if you have existing experience of working with children in any setting, particularly those which have brought you into contact with children who have experienced trauma and those who display challenging behaviour.

If you are unsure if you will be suitable for the role – just ask us by requesting a call back and we can talk you through the whole process.

Why foster?

Fostering is an amazing and rewarding journey that can turn a child’s life around. It could even change yours too.

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We recognise being a specialist foster carer with Oak Fostering is a career and a skilled profession and we seek to recognise this.

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Learn about our upcoming events that you can take part in or just come along to learn more about fostering.

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Interested in fostering and want to find out more about what fostering is, how you become a carer, and what level of support and pay you get.? Send us your details and we will call you back and answer all of your questions.

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