At Oak Fostering we value the hard work and commitment shown by our foster carers and acknowledge the highly skilled and professional service we expect of them.

We recognise being a specialist foster carer with Oak Fostering is a career and a skilled profession and we seek to recognise this in the competitive fee we offer

Oak Fostering carers are paid a fee up to £2000 per full month which is payment for their skills and work as a foster carer.

In addition to this carers are also paid a Child’s Allowance, this differs depending on the age of the child. This is an amount of money paid to the carer which must be used to meet the needs of the child placed. Additional allowances are also paid to help with the costs of special celebrations e.g. birthday, religious festivals. Oak Fostering has high standards for the children in its placements and all carers are expected to ensure these standards are met in all aspects of the child’s care.

Respite carers receive a fee of £125 per child, per 24hr period and this will be paid in the same way as all other fee payments as detailed in the payment arrangements section of our Finance policy. This payment is in recognition of the care they offer to the child placed with them and to cover basic costs such as activities and food. Respite carers do not receive a separate Child’s Allowance as the child’s main carer will be meeting the expenses covered within the allowance.

Foster Carer’s Fees and Allowances Explained


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